Tilo George Coppperfield is a Rock and Roll songwriter with roots in Americana and Blues. Also known as the driving force behind southern rockers 3 Dayz Whizkey where he honed his skills as guitar player and highly-talented song-architect. 2017 gave birth to his first solo record (T.G. Copperfield) and the ambitious successor The Worried Man, a concept album and Rock and Roll Dystopia based on the thrilling story of anti-hero Evil Eye, also released in 2017.

2018 was a busy year starting with the release of TUNES FOR GEORGE. A 6-songs-EP based on the memory of Copperfield´s late dad. Recorded in a one day session this truly is a very personal piece of Rock and Roll in the tradition of classic and timeless tunes built to last. SWEET HONEY is the second EP released in 2018. A song collection with an all-star line-up of great singers. Again recorded live in the studio as a tribute to summer and friendship. 2019 gave birth to his new critically acclaimed record "Magnolia" with a sound reminding of classic albums of the 70s, especially mixed for high-fidelity listening experience on vinyl.

His hand-picked ELECTRIC BAND is the strong live foundation for the vintage Copperfield Sound. The current line-up is Michael "Air" Hofmann on drums, Michael "Don Karlos" Karl on bass and Claus "Leslie" Baker on keys. Great musicianship and finesse meets unstrained feeling and deep understanding for the roots of Rock and Roll.

Up ahead will be the release of the album "Crank it up in Nashville" recorded in Nashville, TN with producer Caleb Sherman, bass-player Brandon Roberts and drummer Christopher Williams who also plays in the current line up of the legendary German band Accept. An emotional piece of Rock and Roll which once again proves Copperfield´s skills as musician and songwriter in the best possible way.

In the end it´s all in the song.



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